Designer Profile: Jay Beever, Vice President – Interior Design – Embraer Executive Jets

Jay Portrait2 (Small)Name: Jay Beever

Company: Embraer Executive Jets

Position within company: Vice President – Interior Design











. What direction do you feel design is moving towards in general terms?

My feelings are mixed.

1) In general terms there seems to be an excessive focus on keeping up with cabin management control systems and inflight entertainment. This leads to point in time design and engineering. Far too often the environment is compromised by unsightly devices that look sophisticated today but are old tomorrow.

2) Another trend is timeless environmental design which adapts to new technology without compromising the aesthetic ergonomics of the cabin and its precious materials. This #2 being my preference.

 . Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2015 and beyond.

Comfort – It’s about the customer and how they feel in the cabin. Comfort is physical and subliminal.

Timeless – Create spaces that won’t look old in 5 years.

Personalized – How the interior is setup with maximum flexibility to interchange materials and configurations.

Sorry, only 3 for now.

. And key trends that we should be aware of?

Work Life / Private life overlap. Personal and work life are becoming one for those whose travel needs necessitate a private jet. In this way it is vital that the two are allowed to coexist at all times.

. What projects are you currently working on?

Unfortunately I am not at liberty to say specifically what is being covered at this time. However, there are several unique projects like Skyacht One and Boat International’s Lineage that keep us moving the pin further ahead.

. If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?

Find the story and stay with the theme. Don’t get caught in the web of evolution design if avoidable.

. A designer’s work is so diverse – how do you manage to hold down a career and a life?

If you can make a career out of what you love to do then it becomes easier; however, a work life balance must be maintained. Family and spiritual interests must come first and then the rest falls into place. Often easier said than done but clearly a mission for me to focus on.

. How important are The International Yacht and Aviation Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?

The International Yacht and Aviation Awards are an important avenue for design recognition and exposure. To be recognized by industry experts is an honor that all appreciate.


. Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself

The car you drive?

2002 Toyota Sequoia, Saving $$ for the car I really want 

Your favourite place to travel to in the world?

Laguna Beach CA.

The place that gives you the most energy?

The place that gives me the most energy is Southern CA. The feeling of endless optimism and passion for life make it an addicting place to be. The sense of environmental protection is also an important factor in keeping fresh with ideas.

And the place that enables you to totally relax?

I don’t relax  Just ask my wife.