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Designer in Profile: Kendall Wilkinson, Founder of Kendall Wilkinson Design

Name: Kendall WilkinsonKendall Wilkinson Design
Company: Kendall Wilkinson Design
Position within company: Founder & CEO

Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc)
Over the last 27 years, Kendall Wilkinson has become one of the most highly regarded residential designers in the West. Her passion for the industry burgeoned during a trip abroad in Paris where she became enamored with French architecture and antiques. Mastering the art of combining authenticity with contemporary design, Kendall has become one of the most sought-after designers for leaders in tech, finance, retail, and hospitality.
With degrees from the University of California, San Diego and San Francisco’s Academy of Art College, Kendall has been chosen as a keynote speaker at U.C.’s “Who’s Who in Interior Design” conference five times, and has been the recipient of California Home + Design’s “Award for Showcase House Design,” the Marin Art & Garden Center’s “Outstanding Achievement Award” and Sunset Magazine’s “Award of Excellence.” She is regularly featured in leading design and lifestyle publications, among them ELLE DÉCOR, Gentry, House Beautiful, InStyle and LUXE Magazine. Kendall’s tight-knit team of designers is a diverse pool of talent from top firms, who bring a variety of perspectives and skills to our projects.

How would you describe your personal design style?
Making a design feel timeless is always the focus at Kendall Wilkinson Design. We pride ourselves on approaching trends in our own authentic ways. We believe in the power of great design. We share a passion for the sophisticated, the delightfully unexpected, and making the old new again. Our mission is to inspire and enrich our clients’ lives by creating artful, timeless, and fulfilling personal spaces.

Where does your design inspiration come from?
I have always been inspired by nature and by travel. Nature is full of such interesting color and pattern. Travel opens my eyes to so many things, both artistic and cultural. I love incorporating these things into designs.

In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?
Relaxed elegance. Clients want a home that functions on a daily basis for their families, but they also want style for adult entertaining, both business and pleasure.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2020 and beyond.
• Technology and how it will enhance/impact design
• Blending comfort, style and durability
• Open plans in bathrooms
• Color in every way
• Engineered materials and how best to use them

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?
Strive for balance and proper scale! This applies to color, to pattern, to texture and lighting. If the balance and scale aren’t right, the room won’t be successful.

How important are The International Design & Architecture Awards?
The International Design & Architecture awards are important because of the way they celebrate style and culture. Design and architecture are artistic fields that inspire appreciation for all things unique and beautiful. The awards encourage such creation all around the world and honourably reflect the genius of their designers.

What projects are you currently working on?
I feel very lucky in that we have a lot of variety in our current projects. One is in the wine country and very Wabi Sabi. We have another large vacation home in Jackson Hole, that after six years of designing is nearing completion. We also have many projects of various sizes in and around our city of San Francisco.

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?
Heading into not only a New Year but also a new decade, I find myself craving a return to my roots and refocusing my time and energy on what gives me the most joy – designing. With a growing staff and a dynamic business, I am pulled in so many directions, and there are times that the reason why I even got into this business gets lost in the shuffle. 2020 is the year of the return to basics!

Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself and your daily inspirations:

Your most treasured possession?
The Home I’ve created for my boys who I treasure more than anything.

Your favourite holiday destination?

Your favourite hotel, restaurant & bar?
Hotel: Bachaumont in Paris or The Greenwich in NY
Restaurant: Senai in Hawaii.
Bar: Baccarat Bar in NY and Bar Hemingway in Paris

Your favourite book, film & song?
Book: Untethered Soul
Film: Almost Famous
Song: Angel from Montgomery by Bonnie Rait and Oh La La by Grace Potter

Your favourite food and drink?
A bottle of Montrachet, Reblochon cheese and Charcuterie

Your favourite way to spend an afternoon?
Walking on the Beach with my dog and boys

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
A Rockstar or a Famous Painter

Anything else interesting?
This year, one of my proudest moments was releasing my long awaited beautiful new Fabricut indoor fabric and trim line. I am excited to announce that my Kendall Wilkinson fabric is now available for purchase in all Fabricut showrooms and online. With my new line, I wanted people to feel that they could find everything they needed for a project or single room, while still experiencing a luxury product. My Fabricut collection has been featured in many online press publications including Architectural Digest, Home Textiles Today, Aspire Design and Home, and Dering Hall, to name a few. I hope 2020 brings continuous success to my product line and inspires authentic creativity throughout the entire design community.

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