Designer in Profile: Martha Huk, Founder of Hedgeford & Berkley

Name : Martha Huk

Company : Hedgeford & Berkley

Position in Company : Founder of Hedgeford & Berkley

Website :

Martha Huk of Hedgeford & Berkley began her career as a mechanical engineer, originally specialising in propulsion cooling for military vehicles. She soon found herself working as a design engineer during the day and renovating houses before, and after work. As renovations became more complex, the need to have well laid out plans became imperative and Martha wondered why so many construction companies lacked a regard for elevating style while planning the details. After leaving her day job, Martha has been building a firm that carefully balances the technical and creative facets of the construction world.

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

My style is geared around creating a sense of awe. I design a room to be beautiful on its own, then even more so when layered with furniture. I look for visual interest in materials themselves or some reason of why the space would evoke an emotion. My design style focuses on highlighting functionality because if the room doesn’t allow you to do what you need to, you will soon tire of its beauty. I like to use natural materials such as wood and stone because there is a drawer for me to its exclusivity. Literally nobody else will have what you have, and that, in itself, is special. I venture more to streamlined, luxurious designs that are both chic and sophisticated. A combination of modern without being cold and contemporary without being trendy.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

Everywhere. I was recently in a theatre and inspired by its luxurious fabrics. The soft yet vibrant colours will be seen in our next collection.  You never know what dots will be connected until you expose yourself to different environments. That’s the beauty of inspiration. It can take just a moment for inspiration to propel a design forward.

What direction do you feel design is moving towards in general terms?

I think we are pushing design into realms of the unbelievable. Testing the limits of materials and using them to create structures that provide a next level of living. We’re asking more “why not” questions and that’s challenging us to think bigger in the design field.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in the future?

  1. What emotion are you wanting to evoke
  2. What does the design need to accomplish – function wise
  3. What added functions can be created to enhance the user experience further
  4. What added aesthetic can be added to enhance the emotional connection further
  5. What is the unexpected element that moves the design from ordinary to extraordinary.

How important are The Design Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?

When I started this design firm, I had one goal: Develop an unparalleled client experience while creating next level designs with flawless execution. Every project we do challenges us in a way that pushes our boundaries with what is possible. I want every client experience to be like no other. I want our designs to be a knockout and our build procedure to be the smoothest. Never did I think we would stop for a minute to see that our work had been recognised in such a prestigious event. The experience is still surreal. We have grown from being a nobody to being called to sit in a room amongst the World’s leading designers. Sitting in a room that we didn’t know if we’d ever be called to belong in. See the easy way will always be there, it’s awards like these that remind us of the importance of being the finest at our crafts.

What projects are you currently working on?

We are currently designing an addition to a historical house in London. This remodel focuses on creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. We are also about to unveil the finale of a commercial design for an optometrist clinic where the client gave us full reign of creative freedom. After that, we will be working with a client to turn their current home into a holiday destination as a method for increasing their revenue. Another fun side project is the further design development of Hedgeford & Berkley headquarters which will really showcase what we’re capable of.

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