DESIGNER IN PROFILE: Paul Waring, Stephens Waring Yacht Design

Stephens Waring Yacht Design recently reached the shortlist with two entries for the IY&A Awards 2014. Their projects, Rapture and Citronella, will compete for the Yacht Concept Design up to 30 metre Award. (To enter the awards email


Paul Waring

Paul Waring

Name: Paul W. Waring

Company: Stephens Waring Yacht Design

Position within company: Principal



What direction do you feel design is moving towards in general terms?

It seems there’s been a divergence in two courses of design. One being of very modern shapes and high tech material, and the other being inspired of more traditional or classic themes. Each of these genres seemingly peppered with a retro flavor–the trick is keeping the themes flowing and practical while striving for a spare and stylish execution.


What projects are you currently working on?

We currently have two projects at the moment. One, a 44 ft. cruising sloop. The other, a 24 ft. speedboat. Each project is classically inspired.


A designer’s work is so diverse – how do you manage to hold down a career and a life?

It’s a serious job running a firm like this. We are always on the lookout for new work and continue to feed our pipeline with project opportunities. However, it is not easy, the marine industry is a fickle place to make a living. Maine is a good place to live and raise a family, the challenge is connecting to the rest of civilization.



Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2014 and beyond.

– Look for fresh and exciting solutions

– Educate your clientele about the possibilities that exist for their design and about how to enjoy their time on the water

– Style and comfort have to work together, it must be a symbiotic relationship

– Observe the usage of new materials, look for weight and cost savings

– Remain open to collaboration with builders and other designers–large teams can manifest great ideas


If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?

Every element to a design must work together. Constantly review your process and ask yourself “why am I doing this?” and “what am I trying to achieve?”


How important are The International Yacht and Aviation Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?

I have never submitted my work to a design contest before. I have often considered the idea, but this is a first. It is important to me to be recognised on the international stage and to further our brand as an Internationally renowned design studio.


How do you relax?

I am front man, lead singer and songwriter, for a blues band I began about 12 years ago. I play the blues, that’s how I relax.


What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?

We are looking for any opportunity to work with builders in Europe. It is our intention to find production or custom design relationships that bring rewarding and lucrative business and relationships.


Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself:

The car you drive? – I drive a 2005 VW golf TDI for the handling and fuel economy

Your favourite place to travel to in the world? – So far, France. Still looking however!

Your favourite hotel/ restaurant/ bar? – My favourite bar is right here in Belfast, ME–The Three Tides, they have the best manhattans around.

Hotel—The Four Seasons in Chicago…

Restaurant — Au Cheval in Chicago

The place that gives you the most energy? – The beaches of the west coast of Oregon, USA

And the place that enables you to totally relax? – In the arms of my loving wife, Megan

Your favourite food and drink? – My new found passion is cooking Korean food, absolutely love the way of eating in their culture. For drink, it’s a toss-up between a 1998 Haut Medoc or glass of Lagavulin scotch!