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Designer in Profile: Pierangelo Andreani, Designer of Andreani Design, Beneteau

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Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc).

As a kid I had a passion for drawing and sculpture, a legacy from my grandfather and father. In my teenage years, the passion for the design of cars made me dream about working for Pininfarina, the most famous car and coach builder of the years 1960 and 1970. After graduating from being a surveyor, I attended car design schools in Italy. After a brief period in 1970 and 1971 while working at Centrostile Fiat, my dream came true and I switched to Pininfarina. Later in my life I worked for Moto Guzzi, Benelli, Maserati, Yamaha, Toyota, and for various other industrial products. Since 1975 I began collaborating with Cranchi nautical, then with Beneteau and Fountaine Pajot. My interest in design changed gradually from cars to boats, motorcycles and scooters and various kinds of industrial products.

What direction do you feel design is moving towards in general terms?

The term design is a little abused. We have lost the essence of designing products that are consistent with their function. For instance, an uncomfortable chair is a great example of a bad design, even if designed by the most famous designers. The same example applies to a vessel built to appear and satisfy the customer rather than navigate. The new materials and technical coefficients available allows the designer to be more flexible and free to create new shapes.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2018 and beyond.

– Proper proportion and balance between the various parts of the project.

– Be guided by your instinct and imagination and be ready to make some inevitable compromises.

– Attention to production costs, especially for serial products.

– Seek innovative solutions and make them different.

– Sometimes you need the element of surprise, your job is to sell dreams.

Where do you feel yacht and aviation design is going in terms of schemes?

There are two types of products: serial and the only one or a small number. For the first type of product it is important to think about the cost, rationalisation and speed of assembly. For the second type of product it is important to make it unique, rich in detail, comfort and give it a “wow” effect.

What projects are you currently working on?

Two new Beneteau Swift Trawlers are in the final stages of construction and a new range of larger vessels. The new project is for Fountaine Pajot power catamaran MY40. I also began to work on a new electric scooter for SYM of Taiwan and an electric motorcycle with three wheels for a different customer.

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?

Knowing how to properly interpret customer needs and leverage skills, imagination and experience. Put yourself in the shoes of the user of the product, like an actor getting into the part of the character.

What products/services could you not live without when designing?

The beginning is always in our brains. A blank sheet of paper and a pencil is enough to sow the seeds of the project. The modern working tools like the 3D software complements what we imagined, but we must not be controlled by technology and instead make the most of it. Just as the painter’s brush or chisel for the sculptor.

How important are The International Yacht and Aviation Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?

The International Yacht and Aviation Awards are a source of pride and honor to show the months of hard work put in by various professionals and designers of the companies who believed in their project. Gives us a strong incentive to pursue new projects with greater determination.

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?

Complete projects in progress and hope for new challenges.

Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself:

Your favourite place to travel to in the world?

My office is in the house where I live, it’s convenient and comfortable, though unfortunately it doesn’t allow me to disconnect. I live surrounded by mountains, I can ski in 30 minutes and go to the lake Como in 40 minutes, perfect for the activities I enjoy.

Your most treasured possession?

Family and friends.

Your favourite hotel, restaurant and bar?

I’m not particularly fond of hotels, but I have a good memory of the Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva. My favourite restaurant is in Modena called LA BUSA.

Your favourite food and drink?

Pizzoccheri, red wine – Sfursat di Valtellina.

The place that enables you to totally relax?

On the shores of Lake Como Ossuccio facing Comacina island.

The place that gives you most inspiration?

All places where nature dominates; sea or in the mountains when the wind changes the appearance of the landscape.

Any final thoughts?

Never stop being curious and wanting to travel and discover new things, it’s a shame we do not have another life.