Designer In Profile: Stephen Hargreaves of The Cranleigh Boutique

Name: Stephen HargreavesStephen Hargreaves

Company: Slyne Lodge Hotel Ltd trading as The Cranleigh Boutique

Poistion In Company: Owner


I have been in business 18 years. I bought my first hotel just over 8 years ago. I have always loved design and creating things that are different. I have no degree or design qualifications only my own vision and thoughts of how things should look, feel and work.

My personal design style I would describe as modern, sexy and intriguing.

My inspiration comes from striving to be different and better than anyone one else in our location.

Design is always moving however I believe that technology is now very usable and reliable and design is embracing technology in order to serve our human needs of what we see, feel, hear and touch.

5 key things to approach design:

Don’t play it safe, be brave and believe in your vision
embrace technology
lighting, music and AV
next generation bathrooms
understanding the needs of your customers

One piece of advice.
Be different…….

How import are the awards to us?
Wow incredably. We are a small but focussed business, not in a city that believes in being different. To be recognised for our consistent focus, effort and ability to push forward even at the most difficult of times would simply be a dream come true. Never in a million years would I have thought I could achieve such an award. It would humble me immensely.

Our next project will be a movie, music and cocktail experience called “The Fish Tank”. We now want to put our spin in this area.

Aims are to continue to be the best at what we do in our area, to get the message out their about our new Church Suites and to create a new and very exciting Music, movies and cocktail bar unlike anything that has been seen before.

About me

Your most treasured possession?
probably my I phone

Your favourite holiday destination?
Not one I love more than anything else, I like to go to places I’ve not been before

Favourite hotel / restaurant / bar?
I love the Ferndale group of hotels in London

Your favourite book / film / song?
My favourite film is Meet Jo Black

Your favourite food and drink?
Drink is rum punch and food is steak

Your favourite way to spend an afternoon?
In the sun with friends drinking rum punches, reminiscing and laughing until my voice hurts.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
I have no idea as I love what I do.

Anything else interesting
Lots of things. Too many to mention other than to say I get do to what I love every day and make a difference to our guests’ lives and that makes me happy.