Congratulations to DesignLSM who won Restaurant Within a Hotel Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2013

Il Milione is Michelin-starred chef Marco Gubbiotti’s first Asian venture and when it came to designing a stunning interior and providing brand identity the client, Ricky Wan, didn’t hesitate in choosing award-wining designLSM.


The design brief was to create an elegant and chic restaurant, using natural materials wherever possible and highlighting regional, Italian cuisine. The classic cocktail lounge, with its striking bar design, is an informal affair.


Il Milione was a challenging project, not least because of its location, relative to where the design was being developed. Associate Anne Rhind and Architectural Director Simon Spiteri headed up the design team and were responsible for the coordination and design implementation. Simon spent time over in Hong Kong developing the design directly with the client and contractor. The building had limited natural light and a low, fixed ceiling height. This was overcome by the inventive use of indirect lighting and reflective ceiling features, which accentuate the space.




Beyond the impressive gold entrance, an intermediate level has been created, where cocktails and light meals can be enjoyed. A large window has been installed, allowing passersby to see into the bar area.


Key materials were sourced from Europe, whilst the glass wall feature opposite the kitchen pass and other provisions were sourced locally. UK based INTO Lighting was appointed to create a theatrical lighting scheme. The design is based around creating layers of warm light glowing from concealed architectural details and bespoke halo ceiling features. Hillcross Furniture supplied custom-made furniture.


Simon Spiteri comments: “Overall, the project is a testament to the careful attention to detail given at site level and despite the challenges, the project has turned out beautifully and beyond everyone’s expectations.” Ricky Wan concludes: “The design result is excellent and I will be using designLSM for future projects, continuing to build on our working experience.”



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