designsquared Shortlisted for the ‘Restaurant within a Hotel’ Award

design et al are delighted to announce that designsquared have reached the shortlist for the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014 in the Restaurant within a Hotel category with L’Esprit du Eme.

The brief was for the creation of  a new (120 Cover) Restaurant as part of the upgrade and soft refurbishment of the existing 396 Pullman bedroom hotel. The aim of the project was to deliver a memorable, rewarding experience; exciting venue & enhanced reputation – the destination of choice within the 12th Arrondissement.


The restaurant design was to focus on the hotel’s & location’s appeal to a relatively broad target market (business, leisure and residential) guests: with a new identity and an F&B concept centred around wine. The result is a rich and timeless product with very firm roots in Bercy offering a credible base for a wine-led restaurant.


The design outline was as follows: To present Attractive Entrance | Warm welcome; Provide Increased Capacity (Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner); Create a greater level of Intimacy; Improve circulation/routing, flexibility & choice; Integrate ‘Vinoteca’ by Pullman as part of brand philosophy; Develop Functional ‘Invisible’ Buffet; Consider Kitchen theatre/activity; Upgrade & enhance lighting/illumination; Improve acoustic quality / Upgrade Music & sound; Accommodate small groups; Increase Diner to sleeper ratio; Consider external Terrace/façade; Operate trendsetting concepts; Present an upscale brand with international allure; Offer a true F&B experience.


The interior has been enhanced to provide an open, fluid space with areas of contrast, creating both intrigue and intimacy. ‘Vinoteca’ by Pullman has a strong, innovative presence and is effectively integrated within the hotel lobby; key features such as an impactful, (400 bottle) glazed wine display and an inviting entrance are clearly defined as part of the new identity.  Stone counters & timber flooring help to reinforce an authoritative style and guests are encouraged to interact with both ‘food & drink’ as part of a dynamic, yet comfortable experience.  Subtle lighting & the introduction of discreet curtains, soften the backdrop whilst, creating a sense of drama, with banquets and a central dining table providing curiosity & choice for guests to savour the moment.