Deve Build selected for the Asia Pacific Design & Architecture Awards with two shortlisted entries.

Architect Feng Yu of Deve Build China discusses his thoughts on the design of ‘The Oriental Club-Settling Down’ – an old renovated villa.

The whole design originated from the traditional gardening techniques. None of the traditional gardening elements is unavailable: tortuous paths, gallery bridges, bamboo groves, lean rockery stones: but it is a show of modern times, the illumination of oriental philosophies. In the white delicate form and structure dotted the fine motes design. It will be found accidentally, and give us the perception that the weak could overcome the strong – a hint about life. A courtyard of water, penetrating the sky, reflects the four seasons. The reshaped white modern buildings present the deposits of oriental culture everywhere. The wall of rammed earth contrasts heavily with the paper-like white “thinness” . The motes on the pieces of white boards secretly imply the balance of power and the balance of culture.