Congratulations to DiLeonardo who won Hotel Over 200 Rooms Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2015

design et al are pleased to announce…

The Interior Designers of the Sunrise Kempinski Beijiing, DiLeonardo have won in the Asia-Pacific Hotel over 200 rooms category at the International Hotel & Property Awards 2015. The design is inspired by Yanqi Lake and the surrounding mountain region.

Suite Bath (Custom)

Influenced by the inspiring site and natural surroundings, the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel is Kempinski’s largest property in China. The hotel embodies the shape of the rising sun and symbolises harmony and unity. Paying homage to the landscape, the interior is largely inspired by the idea of framing the view. The design experiments with the juxtaposition of solids and voids and infusing reoccuring geometric forms into unexpected spaces, design elements or features.

Suite Bedroom (Custom)

Lobby (Custom)

The spectacular site and architecture of the project provided a rich canvas to create an authentic and modern experience of our relationship with nature today.

Exterior (Custom)

The design works well because each space is developed with a key feature that anchors the guest experience and allows for a sense of discovery and you move through the property.