D.L.2.A. Shortlisted in the First Class Lounge Award

design et al is delighted to announce shortlist success for D.L.2.A. in the fifth annual International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The Air France First Class Lounge will compete for the First Class Lounge Award.

05_Air_France-1stClass_Transit_Area (Small)

This Air France First Class Lounge concept was the “Air France House,“ in reference to the famous French house of Haute Couture and tailor made services. This lounge, situated at CDG Airport, is an astonishing place of well-being where the guests can nicely prepare a long journey.

02_Air_France-1stClass_Lounge (Small)

Air France provides its clientele with a first class service all through their journey: from their house, by providing a car driver, up to their destination. At the airport, travellers are welcomed by a valet in charge of the luggage and accompanied to the Check-in lounge, a real de-stress and quiet space, with a prime relaxing service, comfortable seating, relaxing wall lighting effects and no check-in counter, to avoid standing in line.

03_Air_France-1stClass_Wellness_Relax (Small)

After the VIP security checking, you arrive in the main First Class Lounge where you can enjoy a real À la carte meal by Alain Ducasse, the three star Michelin chef. Customers can also get a massage at the renowned Biologique research spa brand. Several salons and relaxing rooms with long chairs and alcoves give a wide choice of ambiance.

01_Air_France-1stClass_Lounge_Reception (Small)

A library, E salon and bar complete the first class amenities. Upon boarding, passengers are accompanied by the hostess through the boarding salon with its red glass screen and are transported directly to the plane by private limousine.

04_Air_France-1stClass_Wellness_Restrooms (Small)

DL2A, the designer, has maintained the ÇRed and Beige È first class flagship as a guideline.