EARTHBAY has been shortlisted for Cabin Design – Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

The EARTHBAY design solution is intended to replace the forward cargo door with a reinforced large window. The idea is that this would bring natural light into this dark space and will unleash the potential in this area. This will also enable the airline to propose an outstanding passenger experience, especially for their premium guests. The comfort could be improved by lowering a central aisle that will allow more cabin height (similar to a large business jet).


The EarthBay product is a metallic structure made from a combination of aluminium and titanium. It is designed to be interchangeable with the cargo door, reusing the existing interfaces. This will ease the embodiment on the assembly line (new aircrafts) or during a retrofit campaign (in service aircrafts). Typically, all aircrafts have a cabin refurbishment during heavy maintenance checks, which provide many opportunities. The same differentiating effect would apply for a widebody refurbishment as a VVIP private aircraft.


Earthbay believe that the views and being able to look outside during a flight is real and natural entertainment for passengers, that only a plane can provide. On a marketing standpoint, the designers believe that this solution is a differentiating feature that airlines could consider as an advantage against the competition.

Other OEMs can also develop large window solutions for their business jet version, proving that passengers with strong purchasing capacity are looking for an outstanding and genuine experience. Quite naturally, the size of windows are now significant selling arguments in the high-end market.


The reallocation of the cargo hold to passengers will allow airlines to optimize their cabin layout and will improve their revenues by up to $4 million per year and per aircraft. Earthbay plan to create partnerships with OEMs and tier-ones to make the best product as soon as possible, aiming for 2024.


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