Rachel Usher Interior Design

Eastfield Farmhouse by Rachel Usher Interior Design

Rachel Usher Interior Design have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – UK Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

The design brief for Rachel Usher Interior Design was to create a luxurious, modern and contemporary home that blended seamlessly to the homes existing historic architecture. Many areas of the home had lost functionality and reviving awkward spaces was a key consideration requiring careful spatial planning to ensure that the home also had modern day functionality. The elegant home required a luxurious finish that was also relaxed and informal, playing with scale to increase the sense of volume and utilising textures to emphasise detailing and providing a sense of warmth and tactility were important.

Rachel Usher Interior Design

The lower lounge area presented an opportunity to develop a drinks preparation and bar area, the scheme encompassed bespoke cabinetry carefully detailing into the angled eaves and incorporating a beautifully crafted back lit display for glassware. The main formal lounge required more emphasis upon harnessing natural light and so a further bespoke timber crittall style interior door was crafted, ensuring that borrowed natural light could flow into the room and increase the sense of openness.

Rachel Usher Interior Design

The master bedroom required an intellectual and technical approach to seamlessly integrate the elements within the space, such as lighting, but the success of the design also relied on aesthetic unity to provide a sense of calm.  The integration of bespoke fitted joinery provided dedicated areas for the various functional needs of the space, for a streamlined, instinctive experience with high-quality statement touch points, such as the long statement door handles, ensuring that the overall experience felt elevated with a heightened sense of luxury.

For the bathroom, the overall aesthetic was a tactile continuous bespoke surface which flowed seamlessly around the room. The Rachel Usher Interior Design team applied their high-level technical capabilities in ensuring that the space was meticulously planned and detailed to ensure that the final appearance of raw beauty, was unapologetic and authoritative. Careful technical engineering and spatial planning allowed an otherwise small bathroom to accommodate a large walk in shower and deep bathtub, creating a feeling of space and volume.

Rachel Usher Interior Design

Crafting a design that was a perfect balance between contemporary and timeless would allow the existing architecture to breathe. Rachel Usher Interior Design delivered a scheme which demonstrated that opulence can be successfully harnessed from precise detailing and tactility.

Rachel Usher Interior Design

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