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Edgewood by Elle Designs Ltd

Elle Designs Ltd have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – UK Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020.

Elle Designs Ltd were enlisted for the interior design of a new build neo-Georgian style residence of around 20,000 square feet. The property replaced a dilapidated cottage and is part of a larger development adjacent to open countryside. The style gives it an air of ‘country house’ sitting proudly within walled gardens and an open southerly aspect which has added further grandeur to an already exclusive part of Cheshire. The clients had a very clear vision when Elle Designs Ltd embarked on “Edgewood’ and that was for somewhere that would reflect their keenness for precision with a nod to a style that is timeless and yet exuded an air of ‘home’. A sanctuary where they could unwind from their exceptionally busy daily lives.

Elle Designs Ltd

The clients required a rich, layered palette that was both sumptuous and sophisticated yet tactile. The textures were to be as important as the visual aspect. A place where the senses came alive every day and the sense of place was re-discovered every time they returned. It was to be a home for forever and one that would fulfil their dreams, having worked so very hard for so many years. This was to be their ‘magnum opus’, the kind of home they had pieced together in their minds eye over a thirty-year period. They wanted their dreams realised. Clearly, a precious cargo, but one that Elle Designs took on with relish and delivered.

Elle Designs Ltd

Elle Designs Ltd feel that the brief has been encapsulated exceptionally well and the flow of the property is what makes it so special. There is a totality to it but within that, there are easily identifiable individual spaces distinct from each other. The entire house flows seamlessly as a consequence of working alongside the architect from the outset. This allowed Elle Designs Ltd to implement their vision, moving walls, widening and heightening doors and at all times acknowledging the clients’ wishes for scale.

Elle Designs Ltd

The designers’ favourite aspect of this project had to be the relationship with the client. Their clarity of vision, their determination (on those dark days – and winter nights), when everything seems to be going wrong. Their openness to new ideas and their faith in Elle Designs Ltd.’s design process allowed the whole project to live as they saw it and also as the designers interpreted it. The relationship was ultimately what allowed ‘Edgewood’ to live.

Elle Designs Ltd

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