Peach Garden by Eightytwo

Eightytwo have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

As inspired by Wes Anderson’s whimsical colour palettes, Eightytwo aimed to create a sense of cosiness and homeliness in such a big space, as well as a sense of vibrancy without being overwhelming. The open plan aspect allows for a versatile space which can adapt to the needs of the client all year round.


This residential unit is almost 50 years old and despite being deemed old-fashioned by many, the arched doorways and terrazzo flooring evoked a keen sense of nostalgia and made the space charming and wistful. It was crucial to retain the charm of this antiquated unit by re-imagining and retaining the vintage elements of this unit.


Arches and curves are a consistent design element, together with contrasting edge band for the cabinetry. Along with the use of different peach tones with complementary grounding colours and shapes on the walls, we managed to add vibrancy without being too overwhelming.

The design works well as the homeowners were able to work the design around their lifestyle and hobbies. The husband loves to cook while wife enjoys, and the space allowed for both without conflict. They also had space in the balcony for the family to have their meals al fresco.


The balcony overlooks a perfect blend of greenery and sea. Sunshine fills the living area in the day and Eightytwo wanted the space to fully maximise the warm, lively feeling by using vibrant colours in the living and dining areas. The feel of greenery outside was extended into the apartment creating a calming atmosphere with lush greenery strategically placed in different areas of the house to ground the aesthetic.


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