The Emporia by Thats ITH Interiors

Thats ITH Interiors have been shortlisted for Restaurant Within A Hotel – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

The Emporia revamp was created with the aim to create a story of the surrounding area. The restaurant is located in the centre of Bangkok. The aim was to create the feeling in the restaurant that you are surrounded by golden fragrant rice fields and fresh Thai floral gardens.  The idea was that guests can enjoy a meal in the Thai pavilion. The palette is in gold and soft hues of fresh flowers on thai teak floor of the pavilion. The mirror panels have been introduced for illusion of pavilion openness in this low ceiling space. This mirroring effect is evident throughout the space in all dimensions, vertical or horizontal.

Thats ITH Interiors

One of the stand out aspects of the design is the understated white foyer in white statuary marble with strip lighting to welcome all guests, this has created a luxury feel to the restaurant from the outset and sets the tone for the rest of the space.

The exclusive design of the golden curvaceous pattern screen inspired from Thai floral garden is a real feature in helping the space come to life whilst also being practical and functional.

Thats ITH Interiors

The new design has injected the fresh and sophisticated ambience which works well both day and night time. The vertical and horizontal mirroring effect has solved problems of space and given such interesting focal points. This all creates a space that can be enjoyed by all guests through its clever use of materials.

Thats ITH Interiors

The concept inspired from its context is aimed to blend in and be part of the wider environment and community which the use of materials and use of space has achieved. Using all local materials to decrease global energy consumption and waste has also benefited the wider environment and local community throughout the process.

The curvaceous golden screen was designed exclusively for this project and was designed as a piece that would create the feel for the entire project therefore it is the only on of its kind.

Thats ITH Interiors

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