Eres Dining Table by Alexander Lamont

Alexander Lamont have been shortlisting for Table Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

Part of Alexander Lamont’s Spring 2020 collection, Sirena, the formidable Êres Dining table is inspired by the myth of the twin gods of the Yoruba. The table is supported by two columns with three carved bronze legs held together by ovoid’s of inlaid eggshell in a charred finish. The larch and smoked oak top has a central epergne of polished brass set into thin inlaid brass lines. The tray contains three elegant carved solid brass and rock crystal candleholders. The epergne can be removed and replaced with a flush larch panel. Inspired by African forms and textures, the Êres Dining Table was designed by Antonio da Motta for Alexander Lamont.

The twin tripod legs of hewn bronze have the aspect of hand-carved wood evoking ancient craftsmanship through fluid and sophisticated forms. The form of the tripod legs is elevated even further by the intricately inlaid eggshell ovoid’s at the centre. Inspirations invoking symbolism and power are explored. Majestic form and subtle texture are brought to life through Lamont’s celebrated palette of precious materials and artisan virtuosity.

The Êres Dining Table can fit into any environment whether minimalist and contemporary or classical and layered. With its clean, fluid lines with touches of rich and luxurious detail expressed through a balanced use of materials, the Êres Dining Table elevates the wider environment with its majestic presence.

The Eggshell lacquer are small pieces of eggshell that are cracked and minutely inlaid until the pieces fit like a jigsaw across the surface forming an intricate pattern. The finished surface may then be lacquered with cashew lacquer in various tones to accentuate the pattern. Natural lacquer is applied by hand in the traditional method and each piece will vary subtly in colour, tone and depth. As with the 1920’s masterpieces now occasionally glimpsed at auctions, such variations form part of the artistic character of each piece.

The bronze pieces are made using the traditional lost wax method used in ancient Buddha sculpture. The models and moulds are made in-house in our sculpting department. At the foundry the pieces are cast and then the raw items are brought back for finishing and pagination in our workshop.

Alexander Lamont

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