Escala by Scott Group Studio

Scott Group Studio was heavily influenced by the environment and the everchanging qualities of nature for their collection, Escala. Designed for the aviation market, Escala is a seven piece collection created from hand-tufted wool and silk. Scott Group Studio took inspiration from how the Earth has its own way of creating woven masterpieces, providing a natural graphic splendor. The team wanted to ensure that the materials they used, much like the Earth, would act as a demonstration of how organic materials can interlace seamlessly to form thick and thin visual lines.

In addition, the team wanted the collection to embody the perfect geometric shapes that nature produces, with exact symmetry and optimal functionality. The Escala Collection’s patterns were inspired by natural forms and were created using a building and receding technique which can often be found in our natural surroundings. A beautiful example of this in the collection is the Hollyn flooring, available in Beige, Brown and Gold, Charcoal and Black, and features an intrinsic honeycomb pattern.

Movement was also an essential part of the collection, the Scott Group Studio team were further inspired by how distinguishing patterns in the natural world appear when they are viewed from an aerial point of view. Scott Group Studio describe their designs as translating “flora into fabulous”, with each of their designs featuring distinctive lines and contrasting textures creating movement.

Scott Group Studio describe their collection as “Our environment is constantly changing. It is saturated with many layers of complexity and curiosity. Observing even the simplest of transformations that nature provides, like the melting of a frozen pond or how leaves collect dew on a brisk autumn morning, is nothing short of miraculous. The Escala Collection offers both micro and macro perspective of everyday elements in our landscape. Through our exploration of how large and small scale meet, we’ve created designs that emulate ordinary yet treasured natural resources.”

Scott Group Studio