Congratulations to Ethospace who have been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Ethospace have been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2017.

Inspired to be designed as an “Ancient Destination Bar” in between a long journey through the Silk Route, Cellar 59, located on the mezzanine level of Art Rotana, manifests a modern cavern that gives rest to the weary traveller with its welcoming open areas and as many private enclaves. With music seducing the weary traveller to indulge in rest after a long journey through the Silk Route across the desert, Cellar 59 is the perfect spot in a distant land – a cavern within an “Oasis” with its inviting pods and enticing signature private rooms.IHPEthospace_Cellar59_BarClubLounge_ThumbnailArches manifesting, along their sides, the intoxicating expression of Soma Nectar, “the drink of the Gods.” Creatively expressed from subtly illuminated “ruby tones” along the sides of each “gateway,” the exotic Arabesque-inspired arches constitute the main architectural theme of Cellar 59. Together with space planning as reflective of a sensuous spatial experience, its function as a unique F and B outlet, Cellar 59 is an architectural poem with the spaces defined by arches. Together, they orchestrate poetics as they harmonize with all things around that aspire to the condition of the lounge music from the DJ inspiring the right mood that evoke the feeling of being in an outer world for the weary traveller.IHPEthospace_Cellar59_BarClubLounge_2As part of a whole that adds to the sum total of its parts, in design spirit, Cellar 59 holds true to the bold vision of the Art Rotana – to reach out for a Middle Eastern presence in context of an inspiration from creating “an Oasis in the Sky.” A part of an endearing story expressive of the vision of a unique hotel in the Middle East being woven. The commitment from the owner and the project team had to be so inspiring, encouraging Ethospace with the strong vision and trust they had. IHPEthospace_Cellar59_BarClubLounge_3