Exclusiva Design Shortlisted for the £2.5-5m (project value) Award.

design et al are delighted to announce the successful short listing of Exclusiva Design for the Interior Design £2.5-5 million (Project Value) Award.

Exclusiva Design Ltd - Chalet St.Moritz -ID 2.5-5m (project Value) - Thumbnail - Image 1

The interiors of this chalet reflect a mix of “chalet style” with a contemporary look. In this project, each element has been meticulously designed to create harmony between the amazing surrounding landscape and the modernity of the structure, which has high levels of technology and automation. Custom furnishings and artworks become protagonists of the space, nourishing the desired balance.

Exclusiva Design Ltd - Chalet St.Moritz -ID 2.5-5m (project Value) - Image 2

Each piece of custom made furniture and the function of each space holds true to the promise of giving an emotion, a tangible testimony of excellence, where the precious alchemy between the intensities and colours of light and matter offer the house’s guests magic and precious moments of serenity. The main decoration theme for all the panels in this house is the nature, in order to meet the need of the client to be in contact with the outside in every room.

Exclusiva Design Ltd - Chalet St.Moritz -ID 2.5-5m (project Value) - Image 3

A simple, but extremely elegant staircase, covered in antique oak wood, leads to the lower floor, where three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms can be found. Here the floor is wood, while the walls are treated with a custom decoration resembling travertine marble. The basement has a bigger surface than the other floors and includes a modern kitchen, with a staff area, while the lounge & fitness area is characterized by an onyx backlit bar counter and rear wall. Here two additional suites complete the floor, built as if they were two small wooden chalets made of materials typically employed in Swiss mountains.

Exclusiva Design Ltd - Chalet St.Moritz -ID 2.5-5m (project Value) -  Image 4

If the mood inspiration for this design was nature and the mountains, the project marries traditional chalet interior design with contemporary design and modern shapes and materials with natural ones. Throughout the house several artistic panels have been produced expressly for the project, completing the scenery of the interiors.