Exclusiva Design Shortlisted for the Office Award.

design et al are delighted to announce the successful short listing of Exclusiva Design for the Office Award.




Gazprom Neft is a contemporary six-storey structure sandwiched between two classic buildings, and is the result of a complex and innovative interior design project. The customer desired an innovative work of its kind, giving the offices a strong semblance of modernity while discarding any precise “architectural” representation of the concept of “energy”. The project involved the renovation of the pre-existing structure paying attention to the functional spaces but enhancing aesthetics. The design was oriented towards the definition of spaces that were the result of what we believe to be a paradigm of our modernity, namely the contrast between chaos and order, continuity and discontinuity. The entire project was devised through continuous curvilinear and rectilinear lines, enveloping surfaces and net chromatic contrasts. Dynamic masses, stating their will to give life to a rule that tends to unity through the metaphor of complexity.


Exclusiva Design Ltd - Gazprom Neft - Office - image 2


From the choice of materials to the definition of each element of furniture, every part of this project was conceived exclusively with the intent of responding to a precise objective and an elevated degree of customized design. This large project seeks to bring together aesthetics, function and design. Biodynamic lighting design, decorative experimentation and an innovative study of ergonomics and use of space complete the framework of an in-depth research process which focused on achieving the exceedingly high levels of performance requested by the client. For a contemporary six-storey building, located between two classic ones, an innovative interior design project was realized. The process of our project started with a flow distribution analysis and a study of every room, with a particular attention to every single object, in order to make the working environment comfortable in every aspect: lighting design, custom made ergonomic furniture, large common areas, individual workstations with the possibility of personalization and innovative solutions for more comfortable working areas.


Exclusiva Design Ltd - Gazprom Neft - office - Image 3