Congratulations to Exclusiva Design who were the Winners of the Residential £10 Million Plus (Property Value) Award in the 2015 Awards

design et al are delighted to announce Exclusiva Design were the winners of the Residential £10 Million Plus (Property Value) Award.

Exclusiva Design Ltd - Private Villa, Sardinia - A 10m+ (Property) - thumbnail - image 1

This Large villa was recently built in Costa Smeralda split over three levels with a pergola, roof garden, solarium, swimming pool and a hot tub. Located at the top of a wind-battered headland jutting out to sea, this villa is the result of a successful combination of form, function and quality, offering a clear example of integration and interaction with the surroundings, in a serene blend of inventiveness and nature in the midst of rocky stratifications, colours and sudden slopes. The clients request was for the demolition of the existing villa and then the reconstruction and expansion of the original structural footprint. An initial difficulty was that the original villa was created and developed around a building constraint dictated by the pre-existence of the ” home-theater ” octagon which corresponded to the octagonal patio of the original villa.

Exclusiva Design Ltd - Private Villa, Sardinia - A 10m+ (Property) - image 2

The exteriors of the villa relate with the surrounding gentle flow of nature. The eye is free to wander from the hill to the sea, with the clean cut outline of the building harmoniously merging with the environment around it. Each window of this villa has been designed to “capture” fragments of the landscape offering endlessly different frames, revealing magnificent views and instilling peacefulness, transforming each window into an experience, a work of art to be admired with its ongoing dialogue between interior and exterior. The interiors charm with their elegance and care for detail; precious materials and unique objects coexist in a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality in this villa radiating good taste, charm and comfort. Neutral colors, artistic decorations, textures of the materials, reflective surfaces and large windows: every aspect heightens the interaction with the surroundings, allowing the scent of rosemary and olive trees to drift inside the villa creating a sense of intimacy and relaxing domesticity. This project aims to capture the outcome of a virtuous creative process, which has involved a number of experts in a challenging project experimenting with shapes, materials, design, technology and simulations, in a successful and new interpretation of elegance and excellence. This villa is a perfect “machine for living” immersed in nature while enjoying its beauty.”

Exclusiva Design Ltd - Private Villa, Sardinia - A 10m+ (Property) - image 3