Faena by FDG Design Group

FDG Design Group have been shortlisted for Residential Project Value £5Million Plus Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Presenting Faena, by FDG Design Group. This project see’s floating terraces which allow for a connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces, focusing on the creative and understated aesthetic.

The approach to the design was to celebrate the ethos of the development and showcase an art collection within a contemporary setting. Consideration to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle is to be key component to the flow of the interiors.
The lines of the building dictated the design of this penthouse which is a cultural anchor in Miami designed by Sir Norman Foster.

FDG Design Group

Clean lines and a muted palette allow the art to be the focus in this penthouse. FDG Design Group used blue as our base color to set the tone for the experience of the interior, we used it so that it is not looked at as a color but as a neutral. A blue whose spectrum changes with the light to reveal other shades as well as the incredible view. Curated furnishings supplied be bespoke artisans allow for the one of a kind pieces that are placed together to create the sense of home. Local accessories were installed to reference Miami life and culture.

FDG Design Group

Layered finishes in the bedrooms provide and element of Luxe as well as create an ambiance for a comfortable bedroom setting. Special consideration was given to the contemporary bathroom design to allow for a full glazed wall with a visual connection to the ocean views.

FDG Design Group

Taking advantage of the floating terraces to allow for a connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces, celebrating the energy of the views and location. FDG Design Group focused on creating an understated aesthetic pushing the limits, just to the limits of refined harmony.

FDG Design Group

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