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Falcon 6X by Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation has been shortlisted for Private Jet Design Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Dassault Aviation’s new Falcon 6X, currently has the largest cross-section of any purpose-built business jet. As such, it presented an opportunity to redefine the passenger flight experience. The 6X cabin entryway is longer, wider and brighter, with the only skylight in the industry. In the main cabin, designers used flowing curves, flush surfaces, and recessed technology to minimize spatial interruptions to enhance the feeling of space. An elegant mid-cabin cabinet and large divans in the aft cabin are designed to fit seamlessly into the overall floor plan. The aft cabin can be either a lounge or a VIP suite.

Dassault Aviation

Passengers sit in an ergonomic “cocoon” where all electronics are within easy reach. Recessed controls light up when a hand is near and dim when not in use. Side-panel charging pockets welcome personal devices of all types and sizes. Patented retractable arms hold tablets, freeing hands for other activities like dining. WELL Design, a widely used concept for creating spaces that enhance human health and wellbeing, has been adopted for the 6X interior (an industry first). This sensory design approach takes into account air, light and sound and also plays a role in material and finish choices. Anti-microbial surfaces, sustainable materials, and innovative fabrics are orchestrated to create a sensory experience that goes beyond decoration. Upholstered areas throughout the cabin are covered with micro-perforated fabrics, woven textiles and 3D fabrics that absorb sound.

Dassault Aviation

Abundant natural light from 30 large windows meant finishing materials could be selected for their light-absorbing or reflecting quality. Mood lighting employs colour to script a trip: simulating dinner by candlelight, drifting off to sleep, winter or summer, daytime or nighttime. Textures, along with colors, finishing and kinematics facilitate identification of control functions like the smart “candy” boxes in seat arms. Textures also bring out the essence of a material, whether it’s a soft cotton, a “mellow” wool, or a warm wood.

Dassault Aviation

The end result is a holistic, human-centric experience designed for peak relaxation and productivity.

Dassault Aviation

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