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What The Farmhouse by D’Amore Interiors

D’Amore Interiors have been shortlisted for Living Space – Americas Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

This custom new build was a blank canvas for D’Amore Interiors, the brief was to design a “Modern Glam Farmhouse”. The homeowners desired a private sanctuary for themselves, that would provide all the spaces their lives required, from a cook’s kitchen, his and hers private home offices, and a basement level for their teenage son to inhabit.

D'Amore Interiors

The greatest ongoing challenge in this project was maintaining proper scale. Many of the rooms were so large that normal scale furnishings, fixtures and finishes would seem out of balance. There were also some layout flaws created during the architectural phase that posed design dilemmas that D’Amore Interiors had to resolve strictly with interior finishes and furnishings solutions. Some were truly needed adjustments to provide more functionality, while other areas were simply becoming redundant due to the large amount of square footage at hand.

The upper level of this home, which solely housed his and her home offices with a powder bath in between, posed another layout problem. It required her to walk through his office in order to get to her space. It also left him with an exorbitantly large office space to fill. Instead, D’Amore Interiors decided to add an additional interior wall that would create a hallway space to both home offices that kept them each private from one another. The designers then decided to turn the new narrow and tall hallway they were left with into a library, so D’Amore Interiors designed built in shelving that would follow the vaulted roof line all the way up 18’ and house nearly 1,000 books!

D'Amore Interiors

This home sits on a mountainside with nature in view in nearly every space. D’Amore Interiors used colour to draw, and in some cases, distract from certain elements. The blue accents in the master bedroom played off of the beautiful blue water of the swimming pool just outside their windows. In contrast, her home office features her favourite colour fuchsia so that there was no confusion that you were entering her personal space.

D'Amore Interiors

Every aspect of this design was a consideration of the architectural presence, landscape, and the family that was building their forever home. Due to the scale of the home, most of the finishes and features had to be equally substantial in size in order to maintain a natural balance. Each room has its own personality, but the design flows and transitions as you continue throughout.

D’Amore Interiors

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