Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

Porfirios Puebla by Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos have been shortlisted for Restaurant – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

The concept behind this design revolves around reinterpreting elements of classic Mexican interior architecture in the Porfiriato era, whilst mixing them with modern design details. The design juxtaposes both classic and modern designs to create a unique aesthetic, whilst telling a story of old age Mexico.

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

The designers have placed a terraced area inside the restaurant, creating the feeling of a wide and open space. With the sun beaming through into the restaurant, the ambience is warm and cosy, with guests being able to bask in the sunshine whilst eating.

The restaurant is located on a bustling street in Porfirios, surrounded by the beautifully natural and verdant landscape. The restaurant has been designed in a way, so that wherever you are sat or stood, the views will be incredible. The vibrant ceiling design is a key feature, although the most challenging aspect for the designers. The vegetation has been integrated all over the restaurant bringing the terrace into the interior.

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

With the greenery being on both the exterior and the interior, guests can feel connected with the outside nature even if they are sat inside. The draping plants were knitted by hand, being integrated into the metal structure to create an aesthetically pleasing and calming atmosphere. The royal blue and gold colour palette adds a real luxurious feel to the restaurant.

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos have used materials such as walnut wood, brass laminates and porcelain. With the aesthetics of stones, tapestries and furniture textures. Combined together, the restaurant appears cosy and welcoming. The materials aim to express the Mexican cuisine itself, and the warming and comforting feeling of being at home.

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos have created a relaxing, yet exciting restaurant which aims to provide guests with an enjoyable experience, with spectacular views and a calming ambience. The design integrates with the environment in a positive way, combining nature into the design and also with the choice of materials used.

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos

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