Final Fix Celebrate Further Shortlist Success in the ID&A Awards 2015

design et al are thrilled to announce that Final Fix have been shortlisted once again for the Gulf States – Living Space Award. This is a Luxury villa located in Iraq with high end interior design using a mix of Italian brands and local elements.

 Final Fix - Luxury Villa _-Iraq-Living Space- Gulf States Thumbnail

The client asked for a luxury, comfortable and modern design. However, he asked for a touch of traditional elements to reflect Iraq culture. The project was a big challenge in terms of logistics and location. It is located in Iraq and requires a lot of co-ordination between the site work and the interior design as well as close coordination with the Italian suppliers and the other manufacturers in Dubai. So many visits to that region took place to make sure that the interior design would be implemented without any mistakes or problems. During the work, Final Fix had to make some changes to the site condition and the coordination with the MEP and civil work. It took 3 years to complete the project with more than 40 site visits!

 Final Fix - Luxury Villa _-Living Space Gulf States Image 2

The project was a big success, the designer managed to meet the client’s requirements and at the same time respect all the requirements of the local authorities aspects along with the site condition. The result was that the client’s requirements were met, to use Italian brands and merge with the Iraqi culture by using some wooden elements that ensured the project looks unique and one of its kind in that part of the world.

Final Fix - Luxury Villa _-Iraq Living Space Gulf States Image 3