Finite Solutions have been shortlisted for the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

Finite Solutions have been shortlisted for the Home Cinema* category in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014.

The client wished to create a stunning home cinema room for the whole family to enjoy. The system was to deliver exceptional audio visual performance with the focus being on truly excellent audio reproduction for enjoying music, especially for music DVDs and Blurays. The system was also to cater for 3D content and allow enjoyment of numerous sources of media – Sky HD, Blu ray, DVD, Kaleidescape movie server, Apple TV, CD, Sonos and games consoles.


Simple intuitive control of the system and the cinema room’s lighting was also a key requirement. The look, feel and overall aesthetic of this room was of paramount importance to our client. Fabrics, finishes, colour tones and lighting effects were all to be considered to deliver their dream cinema room. Measures to isolate the audio produced by the cinema system from the surrounding rooms was also very important to the client as there were bedrooms above and a lounge adjacent.


The key aspect of the project was creating a truly amazing cinema experience, in terms of both the physical aesthetics and the picture & sound quality, within the given room and designing this around certain aspects of the space which could not be changed. The entrance doorway could not be moved and the homes hot water cylinder is in this room so had to be worked into the design and layout.


*Please note the Home Cinema category is now closed