Five minutes with … Nick Waters, Sr Lead Designer for Cruisers Yachts – New Product Development Team

Nick Waters – Sr Lead Designer – Cruisers Yacht New Product Development Team


What projects are you currently working on?

60 Cantius Fly Bridge

54 Cantius Fly Bridge

50 Cantius Coupe

– What projects have you recently completed?

54 Cantius Coupe

– What companies have you worked with for the above projects?

Collaboration between Cruisers Yachts Design and Engineering team and Patrizio Facheris [Facheris Design] and DLBA [Donald L. Blount & Associates] Navel Architecture marine engineering. Marine Concepts and Christensen fiberglass for our CNC tooling needs.

– Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes?

Cruisers Yachts is a production yacht builder so we must meet the needs of a broader base of clientele. In our latest “Cantius Series” we asked for input from our Dealers and owners to cater to their needs. Taking that input, we have place emphasis on Single level design allowing for easy transition from one area to the next; On the main level, you will find cooking, dining, and entertainment amenities, below you will find a more private area bathed by light from the atrium above, for the owners and VIP guests. Large glass hull side window keep lower living area airy and inviting with unique panoramic views.

– Are there any key design directions you would like to discuss?

Some general trends I see going forward, continue to blur the line between interior and exterior. Transform areas using fold down – slide out features – to increase entertainment options – convert zones as multi- purpose. A blend of materials, glass | steel | Stone | wood | leather. Integrate the ever increasing “smart” digital technology.

– What are your favourite recent schemes – please describe key elements.

Key elements from our Cantius series interior include;

  1. Easy transitioning between living and entertainment areas
  2. 360 degree panoramic views from the salon
  3. Easily transform to open up to the elements.
  4. Clean linear lines and minimal hardware.
  5. Contrasting woods, textures, colors and materials.
  6. Multiple entertainment areas including fore deck cocktail lounge /sun bathing area.

– What products/services could you not live without when designing?

The #1 product I couldn’t live without is pencil and paper. You can substitute digital pens and paper however it all starts with an idea and sketch. Other tools include 3D CAD software (Rhino) and digital rendering software (KEYSHOT). With the ever increasing tight tolerances computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine are a must.