Flick Mars

Hotel Distil, Marriott Autograph Collection by Flick Mars

Flick Mars have been shortlisted for Hotel Over 200 Rooms – The Americas Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Whiskey Row in Louisville presented Flick Mars with a rich history and palate to inspire the look of the property. Knowing the historic facades that would be worked into the architecture, the team focused on the original use of the historic buildings. Through research they found that building housed the bourbon distilling process and were also used to showcase and sell the products.

Flick Mars

The bourbon distilling process and the refined sales environment became the storyline of the project. The lobby, inspired by a styled whisky tasting and sales room, welcomes guests into the experience. The designers have used the copper, wood, and stone found in the distilling process but represented them in a refined manner through the art and architectural detailing. Many design cues were taken from the finishes on a bourbon barrel and the overall distilleries – wood slats, black metal strapping details, and copper materials.

Flick Mars

The guestrooms artfully combine both moods into a curated setting. Touches of polished copper, black metals, rich wood tones and elevated finishes envelop the guest. Artwork over the headboard is created by rolling molten glass over paper to create an abstract, smoked wave effect and sets the mood, while a whisky tasting cart is provided to help the guests unwind and explore. Flick Mars purposefully pulled back the second floor of the restaurant to expose the existing steel structure supporting the exterior façade – letting the history breath and allowing the guest to look up through large skylights and experience the historic facades. Above guests can see an arching brick barrel vault that leads to the tasting room at the mezzanine private dining area overlooking the restaurant.

Flick Mars

The bar and restaurant speak more to the process of bourbon creation. The bar artistically displays the mixing flasks used by master blenders, the hand scraped wood floors are reminiscent of the distilling barrels and the display kitchen presents an open wood fire grill inspired by the charring process of barrels and the heating of copper distilling kettles.

Flick Mars

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