Flying Flipper - Superfly GT 42

Congratulations to Flying Flipper shortlisted for the Concept Under 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Flying Flipper have been shortlisted for the Concept Under 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018.

Micheal Reimer and the team at Red Yacht Design wanted to create a yacht that looked like nothing else on the market whilst still incorporating a natural and pure feel. All the way from its edgy and sharp hull to its unique sliding glass roof top, with a roof line that ends up in a hidden aft side window shaped like air inlets. Other unique design elements include the integrated and centred driving position with its ergonomic wrapped around dashboard, the stern windows on each side of the outboard engines creating a bright and roomy feeling in the aft cabin, and of course the elegant bright interior which stands in a great contrast to the aggressive exterior, creating an exciting design experience.

Flying Flipper - Superfly GT 42

The designers worked hard to implement the Scandinavian way of design solutions, where simplicity meets style and ends up in perfect balance to create the first real superboat, combining ground breaking design with excellent performance and luxury comfort. The layout for this category of boats is unique, with an aft and forward cabin, sliding glass roof top, hidden side and stern windows and the centre driving position with its wrapped around dashboard adds to the bespoke design that Flying Flipper have created. A perfect balance of ground breaking design, function and performance, each design element has a purpose. The new Superfly GT 42 takes cool design with a purpose to the next level. It is the perfect arena for letting new and exciting designs reach out to a broader audience.

Flying Flipper - Superfly GT 42

The designers felt that the yacht industry has been left a bit behind the car industry, especially in the range of smaller yachts. Flying Flipper wanted to change that, therefore they did not want to design yet another stereotypical small yacht that looked similar to designs already on the market. Instead they wanted to create something new, refreshing and unique that is appealing to existing boaters as well as the next generation of boat buyers. The Superfly GT 42 is also designed to inspire you as a driver and bring out the best in you. The new Superfly GT 42 is designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!

Flying Flipper - Superfly GT 42


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