foley&cox interiors

Congratulations to foley&cox interiors who have been shortlisted for the Beach House Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

design et al are delighted to announce that foley&cox interiors have been shortlisted for the Beach House Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

A family’s Cape Cod beach house designed and built to accommodate current and future generations.

This house embodies the balance of traditional details with contemporary design. Its classic warmth has been infused with modern style. The perfectly scaled rooms create environments comfortable for a couple, the family of 5, or a party for 20. Elegance balanced with ease was the key to foley&cox interiors creating a home that is welcoming with a wow factor.

foley&cox interiors

The unique eye-catching light fixtures throughout add a contemporary, interesting, and sculptural element that is unexpected in a classic New England home. The interiors are a subtle interpretation of nautical design which pay homage to the beautiful seaside location. The neutral palette and range of natural materials used throughout are the perfect complement to the landscape and water views.

foley&cox interiors

This home’s design success lies in its casual but elegant, modern sensibility to suit the needs of the family and their children coming into adulthood. The design maximises the use of the space for a growing family while still maintaining the cosy intimacy coveted in a vacation home.

foley&cox interiors

Marble with fossilized shells was used for the fireplace surround in the living room to add a textural effect. The clients’ contemporary art collection includes works by James Nares, Alex Katz, and Ellsworth Kelly.

Photgraphy: Peter Margonelli

foley&cox interiors

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