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Forest Hill by Ancerl Studio

Ancerl Studio have been shortlisted for Residential Architectural Property Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

Located in the heart of Forest Hill, this residence designed by multidisciplinary Ancerl Studio exudes contemporary elegance balanced with a modernised industrial flair. The exterior facade defined by its contrasting volumes of glass, brick, and stone welcomes guests as they permeate through the home’s protective layers in a curated journey through space.

Ancerl Studio

Inspired by Parisian apartments and their timeless sophistication, the white marble foyer services the grand staircase and formal dining room as well as the intimate scotch lounge leading to the south kitchen and casual dining. Featuring industrial metal accents and contemporary wall panelling, the grand staircase and upper gallery wrap around the formal dining room and its soaring double-height volume. Softly lit by the above skylight throughout the day and a shimmering crystal chandelier at night, the heart of Forest Hill is a feast of style dedicated to the art of entertainment. Separating the dining and living rooms, Ancerl Studio positioned a majestic two-sided black marble and steel fireplace to ground the lower level while a lush sectional exudes comfort and relaxation.

Ancerl Studio

The design works so well thanks to Ancerl Studio’s beautiful juxtaposition of the industrial elements in the shell of the home, with the more refined finishes and furnishings that fill it. The carefully curated finishes are seen throughout the home for a serene and harmonised interior.

The master suite is designed as a haven of tranquillity and freedom suspended within treetops. Featuring warm textures and soft tones contrasted with black metal accents, the residents can connect with the elements and the local surroundings. The master bathroom, designed to inspire energising mornings and relaxing evenings, is as closed or open as its users wish – free from inhibitions and unnecessary layers.

Ancerl Studio

The neighbourhood boasts more traditional Tudor & Georgian style homes, using brick, stone, and limestone on their facades – although a more modern aesthetic, Ancerl Studio ensured that this home feels integrated into it’s surrounding by honouring those traditional materials seen throughout the neighbouring houses.

Ancerl Studio

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