The Art of Aircraft

The Art of Aircraft by Freestream & Christopher Nobles

Freestream’s chief design officer Sarah Mespelt Laranga & Christopher Nobles Industrial Design have been shortlisted for Private Jet Design – Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Freestream’s chief design officer Sarah Mespelt Larranaga and London based Industrial Designer Christopher Nobles have collaborated on a new, exclusive project for the soon to be released Gulfstream G700.


The immediate visual character is expressed through welcoming luxury craftsmanship through the elegant use of wood, leather and marble. The artisanal contemporary interior recreates a sophisticated and relaxed spirit of comfort, with cleverly engineered custom VVIP seats and beautifully quilted divan helping to gracefully harmonize the personable atmosphere of the G700 cabin.

The designers have customized a conceptual design for seats and divans for a G700 by using a formerly successful base they used on a BBJ2 of kevlar and carbon fiber materials beneath moulded veneer, the most weight efficient design for furniture pieces. Using the combination of luxury materials and engineered for performance furnishings Freestream & Christopher Nobles have created the perfect harmony for a luxury seeking client for this new G700. This design carries forward to wide body VVIP aircraft seamlessly as well as a seat with weight, shape, material and comfort for the residential and commercial marketplace. These are Freestream and Nobles independent design concepts based on concepts successfully achieved in the past by Freestream and these are not approved or certified by Gulfstream as they are conceptual.


Sarah Mespelt Larranga, chief design officer for Freestream, has collaborated with an expansive list of top-tier artists, architects, designers, and manufacturers over the years, believing the ultimate luxury aircraft is customized and designed to fit each client’s unique taste and usage. The company’s service extends beyond bespoke interiors – addressing innovative avionics, structures, and lightweight composites to ensure owners investment in their aircraft will extend the lifetime and usage of their aircraft reinforcing our values of premier quality innovation and sustainability. Freestream Aircraft has established itself as the premier destination for discerning aviation clients who value best in class service and want to secure the best value for their aircraft. They believe that luxury service is defined by their legacy – agility across markets, efficiency and discretion. The team handles each detail from start to finish sourcing the highest quality materials and customized design to white glove delivery.


The designers strived to create an exterior that soared on an aircraft that people are on the edge of their seats to see – released to its first client for flight in 2021. They wanted to lead the way in an inventive yet functional design to set a standard for the interior of this aircraft type.

Freestream’s chief design officer Sarah Mespelt Laranga & Christopher Nobles

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