Genius Loci Pte Ltd Compete for the Hotel Suite Award (Global) in the IH&P Awards 2015

Genius Loci Pte Ltd have been successfully shortlisted to compete in the Hotel Suite Award (Global) in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2015 with Ametis Villas Seminyak.


Ametis is a collection of exclusive villa compounds in Bali, Indonesia. Each villa is a private sanctuary with ample space to relax and unwind in comfort.

Ametis  villa suites 3

The project evokes comfort, and focuses on falling in love with the environment, being with nature, and being unique.

Ametis  villa suites 5

Recycled materials are a key aspect of the project, such as old wooden telephone posts used as columns and customised furniture with traditional details. The suite merges indoor and outdoor. Every corner is inspired by little details, highlighting Bali’s craftsman artistry.

Ametis villa suites 1