Genius Loci Pte Ltd Compete for the Residential Swimming Pool Award

Genius Loci Pte Ltd  have been shortlisted again in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014 with Pinisi House in the Residential Swimming Pool category.


Pinisi House is situated in a small residential complex in Jakarta. In this Development, privacy was essential. Private and non private spaces were zoned and crafted to allow a unique experience, both by day and by night.

 Pinsi Residence Pool 1

Cross ventilation winds were tapped to handle the tropical heat, DNA code pattern sun screen creates some playfulness along the façade.

 Pinsi Residence Pool 3

The house is topped with an Edgeless swimming pool with a 50 year old tree hanging its canopy overlooking the pool. Spaces were defined and managed, with views at every point along the way.

Pinsi Residence interior 4

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