Congratulations to Genius Loci Pte Ltd, winner of the Residential £5 Million Plus (Project Value) Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

Genius Loci Pte Ltd successfully won the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. H Residence in Indonesia will compete for the Residential £5million plus (Project Value) Award.

H Residence - Pool 1

The property is a vast resort getaway, with approx 40,000 sqft of built in space, so the question was, how can something so big, feel like a home?

H Residence - Formal Living 2

Every space has to have a unique experience. From the drop off, into the linkway and the pool side. Through the Customised copper plated doors. Space after space, each journey is special.

H Residence - Master Suite 2

Attention to detail was given at every angle of the property. Experience was the tall order of the design. The property was large, but spaces were well-crafted and made more intimate by the play of visual scale, streamlined to make the owners feel comfortable.

H Residence - Foyer