The Ghost Kitchen by D-Cor

D-Cor have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £50,000 Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

A kitchen that breaks the standards of a classic kitchen. Where there is no border. Simply purity. D-Cor’s thought behind The Ghost Kitchen was to break the traditional codes of a kitchen, going so far as to erase them. Everything is hidden and in its own location such as the breakfast area as well as the dining area which allows fluidity of movement. The ghost kitchen : an entity of its own with its immaculate white, gives the home its soul.


Why a kitchen should look like one? Removing it’s DNA, concealing every aspect that reminds you of its functionality, and preferring to set a space that is pure and slick was D-Cor’s motivation behind this boundary breaking design. And why should limitations not become an opportunity for unique creations? There is the ghost kitchen. The customer wanted the location of the kitchen to maximise the available space without damaging the brightness, by including a staircase and a wine cellar was one of the many challenges. To add a wine cellar, stairs and to never compromise the view or the fenestration should have been a problem for the designers. D-Cor arrived at the solution to build the cellar around the window. To turn a half-bath into a perfect dining area and to imagine a layout that both gives you the most impressive view of Mont St-Hilaire, and of the beauty of your place.


D-Cor’s design works well because it lets appliances blend into its lines. They are not in the foreground, after all, why see your stove if you don’t use it? Lunch, dinner, everything has its own destination and its own path in the DNA of the ghost kitchen. The classic codes of a kitchen are eliminated, that’s why the design works so well. This design does not look like a kitchen while having all the technicalities and functionality of an exceptional one. The timeless aspect is provided due to the form and the clean lines, and the materials take this kitchen to an incomparable level. The denature side of kitchen is what gives it its exceptional side.


She doesn’t fit in, she dictates her environment. She is so self-effacing that she becomes the cornerstone of the house.


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