Giamboi Designs have been Shortlisted for the Power Yacht over 30 metres Award

design et al are pleased to announce that Giamboi Designs have been shortlisted for the Power Yacht over 30 metres Award in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014.

Curvelle Quaranta is the largest Carbon Hybrid Superyacht Catamaran in the world, winner of multiple awards and described by many professionals as the future of cruising.


The brief for the exterior design was in a way very simple but the task surprisingly challenging. The brief said to make a Superyacht Catamaran look as slender and elegant as a mono-hull whilst maintaining a huge interior volume and one extra deck. A flexible layout on the main deck with a huge amount of accommodation made it a very difficult task. Mauro Giamboi explains: “I had to sculpt, what was a rectangular box on two pontoons into a beautiful object. I finally achieved this after 350 original renders and 13 scale models. Several journalists that reviewed the yacht told us that the Curvelle quaranta is the best looking superyacht catamaran they have ever seen. Their compliments are much appreciated.”


The key aspect of the project is the unmistaken identity of this Superyacht Catamaran with such a unique look; proportions and Carbon hybrid composite material. The same material used in the airplane industry; Formula One and offshore wind blade industry.


The design ticks all the boxes of beauty; ergonomics; style and proportions. The design works well in a practical and functional way. Many years of development, study and investment were dedicated by an international team led by the visionary behind this project Mr. Luuk V. van Zanten.  The design symbiosis for interior, exterior, performance, shape and beauty elements took years of refinement and individuality to achieve the harmony of a classic symphony.