Giannino Mayfair London by Spagnulo&Partners

Spagnulo&Partners have been shortlisted for Restaurant – Europe Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

The restaurant Giannino in London marks the advent of a key name in the Milanese restaurant industry to the British capital city. This new opening is the second step in a complete overhaul process (which started in 2017 with the complete makeover of Giannino in Milan) of the renowned restaurant which truly represents a piece of history in the Lombard city, having recently celebrated 120 years in business. An important 360° renovation project was carried out with attention to the finest detail by Spagnulo&Partners, which involved a radical revision of the space, giving back to the restaurant, just as in the Milan-based project, the importance of its roots and tradition.


The classic Amazakoue wood wainscoting is modernised thanks to the polished use of frames and geometric reliefs in which brushed brass profiles are intertwined. The wallpaper takes inspiration from the geometric styles of the beginning of the century, mixed and modernised thanks to the wall partitions that follow the geometries of the De Stijl neoplastic architecture tradition. The wall lights and chandeliers, all designed by the Spagnulo&Partners studio, communicate through their brass and glass material, the heavenly lightness and the musical abstraction of space typical of Fausto Melotti’s sculptures.


With such an attention to detail there was a need for specialist skills throughout the design. From the boiseries and bookcases with their brass profiles, the lamps designed expressly for this project by Spagnulo&Partners Studio and made by expert craftsmen, up to the laying of the wallpapers: all these elements needed specialised craftsmen and Italian “know-how”.


Spagnulo&Partners’ design works so well as it is a complex yet refined experience that restores value to the idea of origin, making it a building block for a new and contemporary project. The intimate relationship with history forged the studio’s approach to design, sparked by the traditional icons of the high-end restaurant business, and defining a modern and contemporary environment intimately linked to the city in which it has become a symbol of hospitality over the years. A stylistic path, as it were, between places and significant eras.


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