Gilpin Hotel Spa Suite by Nielsen House

Nielsen House have been shortlisted for Hotel Suite – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

The Lodges are single story limber pods with a south-facing garden with water features. There is one-bedroom, open living area with a small kitchen and a dining area. The bathroom leads on from the living room and finish with its own spa room consisting of a sauna, steam room, massage table and chair.

The brief was to create a biophilic space using the Lakeland surroundings to inspire the design. The Hotel who are known for their distinct rooms wanted there to be an underlying consistency across the suites but for the soft furnishings to tell a different story across each suite. They each have their own names, named from the fells and mountains around them, so each suite must have their own identity.

Gilpin are committed to providing their guests with an elegant, relaxing escape to luxury and the designers were required to use their creativity to help them create something exceptionally unexpected and unique.

The favourite aspect of the design is how through specialist wall coverings the designers were truly able to bring the outdoors in. By using natural materials such as bark, silver birch, stone veneers, cork and even concrete, these textures help to create such a fun and unique finish to the space.

The design works well as the designers were able to meet the clients brief fully, the creativity that they were granted by the Gilpin from the relationship that was built over 20 years allowed them to produce these breath-taking designs. Through this partnership, we can use unique finishes creating such an interesting design not just for us but for their guests.

This design integrates well because of its surroundings and the proximity to the nature in which it is inspired. As you drive up to the suite, the roads a lined with trees, with fells as the backdrop and then as you enter the suite its self the sense of the outdoors greets you. They also look at using local suppliers where possible to limit the environmental impact to our environment.

Nielsen House

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