Giulini Ben Brahim Shortlisted for the IY&A Awards 2014

Giulini Ben Brahim Design and Engineering have been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014. Their project, First Koot, will compete in the Yacht Interior Design category.

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In Kuwait the word “Dewaniya” describes the place where men used to gather to discuss daily matters away from the family. In modern times this concept extended to welcome business meetings as well as family reunions. The scope of the 54’ project was to transfer this concept from the Bedouin tents to an intimate, relatively small power boat for day use. The Koot offers the possibility of enjoying a day on the water, maintaining the sensation of being at sea when outdoors as well as indoors.

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A spacious aft deck leads to an unobstructed foredeck. The indoor areas, sustained by an adequate air conditioning system, will give comfort even in the most extreme hot climate of the summer season. The distinguishing feature of the Interior Design is an almost 20 salon which can accommodate 12 people at ease. The design of the seating arrangement allows also for an easy transformation to a luxury master cabin as needed for overnight journeys.

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The 2 windows of 4 meters each in the salon allow the penetration of natural light as well as the enjoyment, from the inside, of an amazing view to the outside. Therefore life on a yacht, in this case, is really a complete outdoor and indoor package, for discrete business meetings as well as for intimate family gatherings.

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