Glass-block House by Room + Design and Build

Room + Design and Build have been shortlisted for Glasshouse Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020.

Room+ Design and Build proposed a creative solution by carefully removing two old brick facades then replace them with glass-block facades and integrated windows together with new minimal steel structure. The translucent glass-block facades on the North-East and South-East let the space receive desirable day-lighting and ventilation without losing its privacy, and also make the building blend with the surroundings during the day. At night, when the lights are on, the house becomes a magically sparkling lantern in the middle of the neighbourhood.

The project has proposed a uniquely creative design solution for the re-birth of the old house. By carefully investigating the existing conditions, respecting the context, accepting the challenging design brief, taking the risk and adding significant values to the asset, the once damaged and abandoned property has been changed into a uniquely creative example of micro house, which has become the most popular type of houses in the high-density urban context of Vietnam’s cities and other developing countries around the World. The Glass-block shop-house engages natural light and blends with the surroundings at day time.

The leather shop at the ground level also nicely integrates with the existing mixed-use streetscape with some boutique shops, spa and homestays. The neighbours have admired the house for its impressive appearance and the vibrancy it gives to the streetscape. The house plays an important role in making a sense of place at the local neighbourhood thanks to its corner location and distinctive built-form.

Firstly, the most significant element of the Glass-block Shop-house is the glass-block façade. The old brick façades were carefully removed from top to down. A special and flexible combination of 190Wx190Hx90D glass-blocks, 30mm wide steel plates and sealant glue to build up the façades were designed. The new steel columns, beams as well as slabs are painted in white and hidden behind the full-height glass-block façades.

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