Gloucester Road by Element Living Ltd

Element Living Ltd have been shortlisted for City Space (Apartment/ Penthouse) – London Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The client for this project was a single parent from Asia who purchased an apartment in London for her children to live in whilst studying their postgraduate degrees in the city. The apartment is located within a Victorian listed building in Kensington & Chelsea. Element Living Ltd designed the interior to harmonise with the architecture from the choice of fabrics, furniture and finishes with the aim of creating a more contemporary look.

Element Living Ltd

Element Living Ltd believe that they had the opportunity to create a healing home for the clients who had recently experienced difficult times. It was important for the space to be comfortable to allow the residents to live well and study hard.

For the living area Element Living Ltd ensured that there was a balance of study and enjoyment areas, with two desks implemented into the space for studying and a piano for enjoyment and relaxation. The client’s family had similar tastes with colour schemes and therefore the designers implemented blue and green hues throughout the interior and added dark wood and antique bronze finishes to create a comfortable yet luxurious living space.

Element Living

Element Living created an intimate dining space for the family to separate the study and eating areas and used a sculptural chandelier to add a sophisticated feel to the area.

The key aspect of this project was creating the music area for the clients. The designers knew how much the client’s children loved playing the piano and wanted them to be able to enjoy their study breaks. The Piano corner creates a theatrical component and a focal point in the room.

Element Living

The design works so well because of the composition and combination of the following three features; the contrast between the burnt orange silk from India and ocean blue creating a dramatic effect when used in the large sliding screen to conceal the TV; the colour of the wall in soft black with blue undertones as a backdrop; and the different heights and distinctive shapes of the two pendant lights projecting both direct and indirect light onto the ceiling.

Element Living Ltd

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