GoCarbon reached the shortlist of the Product Awards…

GoCarbon have reached the shortlist of the International Product Design Awards with their chair Darwin 2012. GoCarbon is run by Olympic Sailing Gold and Silver Medallist Andrew Simpson, and James Tyler.

The aim of the Darwin Chair was to create a chair using traditional and modern materials, in effect bringing a modern feel to a classical Windsor chair. The chair had to have a sailing feel to it and be lighter than the traditional Windsor chairs .The chair needed to be comfortable and not need any cushions which would cover up the simplicity of the chair. The team concluded that to modernise the Windsor suitability and make a lighter chair that was aesthetically stunning Carbon Fibre should be used in some capacity . The decision was made to make the seat and Bow from Carbon which has halved the weight of the chair. The seat has a foam core which along with the carbon means the chair is stronger/stiffer than a wooden counterpart. The high gloss finish of the carbon components has given the chair a very warm feel that people can’t help but touch and beautifully shows off the high level of craftsmanship that has gone in to making it. The high gloss finish is very difficult to get to the level we have achieved but looks stunning.

The result is a chair that fits into many environments, never looking out of place whether used as a dinning chair, captain’s chair or a desk chair , in old or new houses and has received much critical acclaim.

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