Golden Walk by Eightytwo

Eightytwo have been shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The client of Golden Walk was looking to overhaul the entire property and needed ideas to reconfigure the kitchen space, two of the common bedrooms and a family common area which was later combined to create the master bedroom. Eightytwo took a modern contemporary approach when designing the house.


The client enjoys entertaining guests in their home, especially during the festive season. Therefore, ample space was provided for the living area whilst also being made comfortable so that their guests can retreat and relax. The staircase was relocated to accommodate the space and the storeroom was also concealed and bathroom doors through the integration of a feature wall to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

An additional maid’s room was created which connects to the backyard to extend the kitchen space and provision for an open concept kitchen. Eightytwo also removed the existing utility to provide a more spacious feel for the kitchen, these layout changes allowed for a more functional and flowing space.


As most of the rooms are bigger in size and the client did not want their daughter to have a small room, Eightytwo proposed to combine to 2nd floor bedroom with the 3rd floor bedroom to form a studio loft, integrating a relax corner and study area. To protect privacy, they also requested to change the position of the existing windows to face away from the neighbours.

As the roof terrace was not necessary, the client requested to convert it into an entertainment area and lounge, where the noise was to be able to contain within that level.


Incorporating the natural lighting helped the property integrate into the wider environment by using floor-to-ceiling windows with a mix of modern contemporary and Nordic functionality, the indoors and outdoors blend seamlessly throughout the property.

The overhaul to the first floor allows more lights to enter the living and kitchen area, making the space feel much more spacious. For the daughter’s room, the loft gives a totally different experience from a traditional room, and gives it much more character and exploration space.


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