Gorgeously Grand Home by Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Audi Snyman Interior Design has been shortlisted for Residential £1-2.5 Million (Project Value) Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Steyn City is a 2000-acre exclusive, luxurious private lifestyle estate; it’s state-of-the-art private homes house local and international residents from all over the world. Here, Audi Snyman Interior Design have completed several design projects, including their Gorgeously Grand Home project – a 1800m2, 2 storey home with additional basement cinema and 2 double garages.

Audi Snyman Interior Design

The designer faced the task of merging the South African and Welsh cultures of the owners, as well as their differing tastes in the design of their dream home. Balancing modernity with tradition, and family friendly design with the ability to entertain was at the forefront of Audi Snyman’s design. The various entertainment areas required consideration so that they could be integrated and suited to all family members. The open plan kitchen/dining area is perfect for entertaining as it flows seamlessly into the outside area, overlooking the pool.

Audi Snyman Interior Design

Each element of Audi Snyman Interior Design’s concept carried luxury. The furniture had to be comfortable, indulgent, and unique. The bathrooms are elegant with clean lines and luxurious finishings. The symmetric entranceway and double-curved staircase is impactful, leaving a lasting memory for each guest. Artisan craftsmanship is found throughout; in the outdoor sculpture water feature, fine art, customised wallpaper, and bespoke lighting piece in the dining room which became a great conversation piece during gatherings.

The clients wanted a neutral colour tone in the home with luxurious textures and accent colours that would run throughout the home. Audi Snyman Interior Design then built upon this with textures with other colours to enhance, warm or add opulence to the ambience. Certain areas were made unique, blue was his favourite colour and so blue tones have been included in the scheme. The childrens’ bedrooms reflect their personalities, whilst the wife’s study and husband’s elevated lounge have been customised to match their needs.

Audi Snyman Interior Design

Audi Snyman’s clients had different style preferences: clever styling and an innovative approach, with a widespread knowledge of interior design helped blend their different choices which made the design work. The clients’ active and passionate involvement in the project, became the designer’s favourite aspect of the project, as their contributions made decision making quick and seamless, and rewarded Audi with clients who were delighted by the end result.

Audi Snyman Interior Design

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