Gosling Shortlisted for the Home Cinema Award in the ID&A Awards 2015

design et al are delighted to announce that Gosling have been successfully shortlisted in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015. They will compete for the Home Cinema Award.

The inspiration for the design was to create a super yacht feel with subtle lighting, light and dark, shadows and movement that is in essence two different spaces, a family room and at the press of a button a cinema with stadium seating. The highly technical, futuristic automation enables the room to be bright and airy, with a feeling of space and grandeur. The low table sinks into the floor void and the sofas move horizontally toward the screen. From under this position, stadium seating rises up.

Gosling/Queen Anne's Gate

The lighting control has a selection of mood settings and the automated blinds and panels float seamlessly away when a new setting is required. Thirty-six motors drive the room into motion. The cinema screen measures 150 inches. A fitted screen and credenza cabinet was made in Harewood to house the cinema screen, with inset 20 mm coining lines in nickel. A fitted credenza was made in Harewood, with seven doors on pivot hinges and lacquered interiors with nickel edging.

Gosling/Queen Anne's Gate

Projector and display cabinet made in Harewood with inset 20mm coining lines in nickel with two horizontal beautifully lit niches inset in the cabinet. Above the central display section is a moveable panel to conceal the projector. On the left hand side is a door, which opens to gain access to the projector and technical equipment. Harewood cornicing runs around the room to match nickel coining. There is a sofa table that backs onto the cabinet made in Harewood and nickel detail.

Gosling/Queen Anne's Gate

The stone colour of the walls accents with the grey sycamore and the polished nickel highlights the shadows. The deco rug, designed by Tim Gosling, represents the sound and radio waves of the BBC during the 1930s. The acoustic walls are made from a composite material, which combined with the fabric and blinds makes the space entirely insulated.