Graham Residence by Trenzseater

Trenzseater have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

The brief for this prestigious project was to present something that was in keeping with the architecture and landscape, without being extravagant. To bring intriguing layers of texture and design to all elements of the interior whilst creating a space that was usable, not precious and could easily be lived in by the clients.


Trenzseater delivered an interior which was inspiring, it was layered with intriguing textures & materials, sophisticated finishes and details which offered the client something personal and curated. To achieve this, the use of natural materials is featured throughout the design with solid oak parquetry inlays in the tables, blue gun steel frames under oak tops, brushed brass detailing in specific areas and the use of beautiful, elegant lighting.


Mirrors have been used to accentuate the heights and grand scale in various parts along with wallpapers to give detail to a vast atrium space. Within all spaces bespoke furniture pieces were designed, finished in luxurious velvets, relaxed linens, flocked velvets, fine wools and antiqued leather, complimented with our timber and high gloss tables which all were then finished with an extensive use of European rugs, mirrors + accessories. The use of beautiful exquisite chandeliers in various rooms is prominent, along with accent table lamps. With all projects Trenzseater ensure they have a sophisticated balance of layers to give interest, detail and timeless elegance. It’s the details which offer refinement, personality, balance, character and luxury.


Collaborating with the client to ensure all elements of the design and architecture work cohesively together in harmony. Also pushing the boundaries of the design to offer something unique and unexpected. It is balanced, layered and textured, offering an interior which can easily be relatable but offers inspiration and interest at the same time. It is also relaxed and inviting.

The use of natural materials, products and finishes compliments the architecture, it also balances the location of the site which is a private, rural property.

The product was made to bespoke requirements, tailored to the selections Trenzseater offered and made with the client. There were specialist skills required by artisans installing intricate details in joinery along with specialist wallpapers that were used in this installation.

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