Grau Roig by Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados

Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados have been shortlisted for Restaurant Within A Hotel – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

Surrounded by mountainous vistas, and at the core of the famous ski station, the Grau Roig restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel. Designed by Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados, the restaurant’s interiors correspond to the views that it offers by balancing modern luxury with the simplicity of comfort.

Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados

The designers’ commitment to their client was to provide a cosy and exclusive space, where diners could enjoy a well-deserved rest after their day of skiing. The project began with the organisation of the space, in which Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados looked to provide private spaces, and an atmosphere that was adapted to the different moments of the day and the varied gastronomic offer. In this sense, the restaurant was divided in the: The Vaqueria, the Formagerie and the Marmita, named after the different menus of each space.

Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados

Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados chosen palette takes on noble and natural materials to favour a warm and comfortable environment. The brass used in the walls and furniture lends a touch of sophistication and high-end quality that is in tune with the values of the hotel and the gastronomic offer. Though the focus is on soft earth colours, the studio takes a playful approach to layering textures, resulting in a welcoming yet simple depth to the space.  The synergy of brass and wood provides luminosity alongside a handmade texture.

Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Associados

The selected furniture pieces consist of Scandinavian design in oak wood and natural leather, with many pieces being custom designed by the Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados studio. The overarching style is one which combines rustic warm, simple elegance, and contemporary luxury.

Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados

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